a small thing for bf among others,

this bit will be in a sort of swenglish. dont know why but i just felt like it today, want my bf to come here and be able to read about my day and all the other nonsense bullshit that i write, just like everyone else.
just booked next flight to london, 26-30 november. it was so cheap and i didnt think much about it, so click click, done! and i didnt realise that i get back the day before im supposed to move to my new flat. but anyhoe det löser sig med skriller bara det blir is.. was thinking i could just pack up all my stuff before i go and move it when i get back? ha ha good luck...
i want my place to have this feel about it:


fräscht, spacious, bohemian and nice. OK know that my place will be everything BUT spacious but still.. maybe just bohemian, fräscht and nice? hö hö

im going bed now even though im not tired. tjing tjing

ps. idag fick jag en gratis STOR latte av pressbyrån. typ första gången jag har fått ut något av att ha bonus- och stämpelkort av alla dess slag. bra timing också för jag är så pank att jag inte ens hade råd med mcdonalds igår. medges ej är ej okej.


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